Conventional Key Management Tracking

Traditionally, key custodians are responsible for updating key movements manually. This is inefficient and creates dependency on individuals. It often associates with security vulnerabilities, including compromised security, higher risks of stolen data and assets, and incomplete records due to errors, fraud and illegible handwritings.

Set up to a whole new level

Key management system can readily answer the demands of risk management and accountability by securing keys in a temper-proof system, releasing them only to authorised users. A user who can be held individually accountable for actions is less likely to disregard procedures or take other actions that may compromise operations.

Why iKLAS?


Ability to grant access 24/7, even in power down mode to secure data and assets.


Effective control to track keys with real time monitoring, audit trail and reports for management.


Reduce administrative work for signing in/out keys.

Cost Savings

Reduce operation cost and unecessary stress due to lost keys and change of locks.

iKLAS RFID Features

Tamper-proof window to locate unreturned keys at a glance.

Smart card reader with optional biometric authentication.

built-in camera for access tracking.

Tamper-proof stainless steel rings/cable seals.

RFID tag reader for easy identification of key slot upon return.

LED indicator for identification of key-position status.

RFID key tags in a variety of colors for easy classification.

GSM Modem to generate SMS alerts (optional)

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