How Alfa Cloud helps customers achieve: 20% increase in pipelines, 31% increase in sales efficiency, 23% increase in sales win rate, 42% increase in forecast accuracy, and 33% increase in revenue.


Payroll (comply with the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance)

Connect with attendance and leave

Can be approved by multiple roles

Automatic calculation of average salary

Automatically calculate MPF and pay to service provider

Automatically export tax documents such as IR56B and IR56E for online submission

Automatically export bank documents for online submission

Connect with accounting systems such as OuickBooks Online and Xero

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Connect with leave and payroll

Can be reviewed by multiple roles

Set different working schedules for employees

Use mobile APP to view attendance status

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-Connected to attendance and payroll

-Can be approved by multiple roles

-Apply/approve leave with mobile app

-Leave certificate can be easily attached

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Manage multiple work locations

Real-time cloud punching

Upload punch status and GPS location in real time

Real-time absence notice


Manage part-time / shift employees

Accurately calculate the average salary

One-click approval for leave application


Multiple approval permissions

Multiple payroll approval

Multiple leave application approval

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