About Alfacloud

Alfa Cloud Mission******

To assist, support SME adopting cloud technology for profitability growth.

Alfa Cloud Position

We are a Marketplace for SME to find a cloud solutions for operations automation and increase profitability. Whether you sell online, in physical store, process employee attendance and payroll, intelligent staff scheduling, online training or manage keys for facilities and fleet of vehicles, we have a cloud solutions for you.

We are committed to providing effective solutions to businesses, helping them to improve execution efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase revenue. Our range of solutions covers human resource management, inventory management, property management, learning & corporate training, POS & new retail management.

Why choose a cloud system?


Save initial investment in SMEs

The cloud service adopts the charging mode of “how much to pay”, for example, the monthly fee, the number of accounts, and the number of functions. Therefore, when the initial scale is small, the initial investment in product operation can be saved. Even if the service scale is expanded, you only need to pay more, and you can immediately get the resources you need at that scale. Moreover, there is no need to install expensive hardware and software, just use the Internet.

Professional System Management

Servers, networks and other related resources are all responsible for maintenance, management, and operations, which can reduce the expenses of the development team (especially personnel). System-related management work and updates are managed centrally by us, eliminating many management headaches.

Safety of information

The budget of the information is very limited, and there are very few firewalls that can be afforded. Our cloud systems are equipped with a million-level firewall, and the information transmission also has encryption function to ensure the security of the company information.

Manage anytime, anywhere

With the cloud system, you can manage your business by simply surfing the Internet or using the app, no longer limited by geography and time.


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