Intelligent Robotics Solution

We offers Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and applications that automate delivery and material handling processes in manufacturing, healthcare and commercial facilities.

Our lastest autonomous navigation stack and fleet management system have been deployed since 2016, enabling factories, service centers and hospitals to reduce dependence on repetitive manual labor while ensuring consistent productivity.

Advantages of Intelligent Robots

Smart Navigation System

Easy to Use and Implement

AI optimizes robot workload to
reduce time and power consumption

Support different system platforms

Easy to connect with other existing systems

Magnus AMRs

Compact mobile robot platforms with the highest payload in its class.

Magnus Shelf:

Magnus Shelf is ideal for transporting heavy tote boxes that are not stackable and require more than one storage level.

Magnus with Cobot:

Cobots could be integrated to the Magnus AMRs to perform parts picking or FMCG handling applications with the added benefit of mobility.

HealthGUARD :

HealthGUARD is a dual-function Autonomous Mobile Disinfectant Robot with a multi-nozzle sprayer system that disinfects the environment with hospital-grade disinfectant, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Case Studies

Magnus AMR's in a Warehouse

Element AMR in a Hospital Lab

HealthGuard AMR at a Bus Depot Office Canteen

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