What clinics can we help?

General Practitioner,Specialist,Dental and more


Make an appointment online and get instant support from the doctor

Improve Service Efficiency

Doctor will first diagnose the patient. If the patient need further checking or treatment. Doctor will make an appointment with a suitable doctor or purchase suitable medicines for the patient.

Reduce Waiting Time

Patient can save the time to go to clinic and clinic can avoid been overcrowed.





Make an appointment online for medical check up

Improve Operational Efficiency

Clinic can prepare in advance for the patient and have a Effective Queue Flow.

Reduce Waiting Time

Patient can go to the medical check up on the appointment time and no need to wait in the clinic.



Shop Online Pick Up in Store

Increase operation efficiency and Inventory management

Pharmacy can prepare in advance and no need to record the Inventory by hand

Reduce Waiting Time

Patient can buy the medical online and pick up in store to avoid out of stock.




What clinics can we help?

Provide a set of highly customizable solutions under an integrated platform to match different types of clinic operation models. Whether small or large clinics, our diverse functions drive business, streamline operations and bring more patients to clinics.

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